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{"id":24,"name":"Event Space","is_active":true,"sequence":1,"release_payment_term":"after_check_out","release_payment_day_interval":1,"type":null,"is_single_per_property":false,"is_multiple_rental_rates":true,"is_accept_booking":true,"is_force_accept_booking":true,"is_require_property_operating_hour":1,"has_limited_rental_slot":false,"has_premium_boost":false,"has_custom_title":true,"rental_rate_rule_id":2,"property_rental_category_group_id":5,"created_at":"2019-05-20T16:33:52.000000Z","updated_at":"2019-12-22T20:05:06.000000Z","localise_name":"Event Space","is_selected":false,"localise":[{"id":93,"language_code":"en","name":"Event Space","property_rental_category_id":24,"created_at":"2019-05-20T16:33:52.000000Z","updated_at":"2019-12-22T20:05:06.000000Z"},{"id":94,"language_code":"ms","name":"Ruang Acara","property_rental_category_id":24,"created_at":"2019-05-20T16:33:52.000000Z","updated_at":"2019-12-22T20:05:13.000000Z"},{"id":95,"language_code":"zh-Hans","name":"\u6d3b\u52a8\u573a\u6240","property_rental_category_id":24,"created_at":"2019-05-20T16:33:52.000000Z","updated_at":"2019-12-22T20:05:43.000000Z"},{"id":96,"language_code":"zh-Hant","name":"\u6d3b\u52d5\u5834\u6240","property_rental_category_id":24,"created_at":"2019-05-20T16:33:52.000000Z","updated_at":"2019-12-22T20:05:43.000000Z"}]} InStock 5 MYR

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